Heating valve (export) code 700

Significant points that distinguish this model from other Shirshofage models:

Beautiful and unique design in the handle and body
Increasing water intake from 12.5 mm to 14 mm
Being double-walled in the design of this product prevents the handle from heating up
The use of metal inside the handle and the high thickness of ABS in pressure points prevent the handle from breaking.
Handle protection cover to prevent injury


Advantages of Texa heating valves

The body of the valve consists of injected rice ingots, which is a combination of: ZN:%40 – PU:%2 – MS:%85
Using ABS materials to make the handle with high resistance to heat and brittleness
It has a metal-on-metal sealing system without the use of plastic materials for greater resistance
More accurate sealing in two different parts of the valve mechanism, using P.T.F.E bushing and N.B.R.
Texa valves are marketed with 100% quality control and have a 5-year replacement warranty at the place of purchase.
The use of NBR O-ring and brass ring in the interface for the convenience of the multiplier, the body needs to use Teflon tape


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