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About Taksa Industrial Group

The growth and development of Texa Industrial Group with more than 30 years of successful history, along with the satisfaction of customers, made us consider the most accuracy and efficiency in providing services. Greater well-being and peace for consumers and increasing the level of customer satisfaction are among the most important goals of this collection, and access to it will not be possible without the improvement and continuity of quality. The process of this progress and its continuation has caused no option to be overlooked in the evolution and optimization of production.

Now, we are proud to inform you that Texa milk industry has been able to produce products with quality, complete safety and efficiency by using the latest devices and technologies and employing skilled professionals and experienced personnel, especially in the area of product quality control and its many years of rich experience. to launch the wonderful products in the market, so that most of the products of this factory are fierce competitors of similar foreign products due to their unique quality.

The factory of Texa Industrial Group has a special position with all the strong production of parts, along with maintaining quality and speeding up the supply of goods due to its proximity to the consumer market of Tehran. Therefore, Texa Industrial Group is ready to cooperate with all colleagues and businessmen.

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