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Why Taksa products?

The quality of Texa products is the first word in the market: we are all looking for a product that has high quality. Texa Dairy Industries has satisfied its customers by producing products in A quality grade.

Texa products with a 5-year warranty: the main raw materials of these valves are brass alloys that have anti-erosion properties of zinc, and these materials are regularly sampled and tested in the laboratory, and the body and nut of these valves are produced by forging. In this method, the molecular distance is reduced as much as possible and the resistance of the body increases in the tests performed, and as a result, the pressure tolerance also increases.

Reasonable price: Reasonable price is one of the most important factors for customers in buying Texa products. Texa products are offered in the market at a competitive price.

Production power on a wide scale: Due to the use of advanced semi-automatic and automatic machines, Texa Industrial Group is able to produce all kinds of valves and related metal parts in large quantities.

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